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31 January 2017 @ 11:02 am
Where Notre Dame de Paris became Le Roi S'Amuse...  
It's interesting how authors can play with and recycle discarded plotlines. At one point, Hugo came up with a storyline where Claude bribes a prostitute to kill Phœbus, only the body she delivers to him in a sack turns out to be… Jehan.
He decided against this, but instead used a variant of it in his play Le Roi S'Amuse, in which the jester Triboulet inadvertantly has his daughter Blanche killed, instead of François I. This, of course, is better-known in the Italianised musical version by Verdi – Rigoletto, although the Hugolien origin is still very obvious. The Duke/King and Gilda/Blanche strongly resemble Phœbus and Esméralda, although Gilda/Blanche's naïvety is more credible than Esméralda's, as she's a former convent-girl, not a girl raised among thieves and cut-throats.
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